Providing innovative technologies to reduce and eliminate mosquitoes without the use of fogs, chemicals or toxins.



Launched in 2010, the philosophy of Green Strike is to develop safe and effective mosquito control and eradication products, and have a positive impact on preventing mosquito-borne disease globally. By eliminating mosquitoes before they turn into adult mosquitoes and targeting the male mosquitoes to prevent mating, Green Strike has become a leader in this category. Green Strike has worked closely with Canadian Universities including Laurentian and Brock Universities in the development of mosquito prevention technology.

Our mission:

To safely combat and eradicate disease-carrying mosquitoes from human populated areas around the world.


Green Strike’s flagship product, the Mosquito Preventer, utilizes our patented “Zero Hatch Technology”. By combining our patented attractant with specific product technologies, the Mosquito Preventer draws female mosquitoes to a specific location, “safe haven”, to lay their eggs. Once a female mosquito has laid her eggs, she secretes a scent that other female mosquitoes are attracted to, convincing them that it is a safe location to lay more eggs. This increases eradication efficacy as the product does its job!

Next is the Mosquito Eliminator, incorporating our patented “No Mate Technology”. The Eliminator technology is directed at controlling the male mosquito population by attracting mosquitoes with four lures working together to better attract and eliminate them.  The No Mate Technology is based on mimicking the sound of female mosquitoes, which attracts the males.  While there is a focus on attracting male mosquitoes, the Eliminators also attract female mosquitoes and eliminate them.

Green Strike continues to develop its portfolio of patented technologies and launch additional solutions to prevent and eliminate mosquitoes, without the use of pesticides, insecticides or other toxic chemicals.