1. Attracted by unique lures, female mosquitoes lay their eggs inside the artificial pond. They also deposit their own natural attractant (pheromone)

  2. Mosquito eggs are automatically neutralized before they hatch into biting mosquitoes.

  3. Green strike Mosquito lures are placed back into the artificial pond, to capture next ones.


Automatic Mosquito Preventer

Mosquito Preventer mimics the mosquitoes natural breeding ground, with the conditions in a marsh or pond, where mosquitoes tend to breed. Inside the Mosquito Preventer are Mosquito Lures which attract the female mosquito. The female mosquitoes will also help out by releasing a pheromone attractant to tell other mosquitoes that it’s a safe spot to lay more eggs. After the female mosquito lays her eggs inside the Breeding Zone of the Mosquito Preventer, the Zero Hatch Technology captures and disposes of the mosquito eggs by trapping and drying out the eggs. The Mosquito Preventer runs on a 3 Day Cycle where the eggs and the pheromone attractant pass through a filter.

Note – you can adjust the cycle time on your machine.

Specifications :

Dimension: 38 x 38 x 37 (cm)
4.9 (kg)

Package includes :

1 x Automatic Mosquito Preventer
A set of Refill Kit (2 x Landing Strips / 1 x Reactor)
1 x Rain Guard
1 x User Manual



This product really works! I set this product up in my yard at the beginning of summer and I haven’t seen as many mosquitoes as before, whereas I usually see a ton by this time. My neighbours buy their own after visiting my yard. As a result of the quality of the product–I can honestly give them a 5-star rating.
— Jeffery. E
We set up the preventers just 3 weeks ago, could clearly see that less mosquitoes around the outdoor bar area and our staffs are happy – we asked our regular customers if they feel the differences and YES! We got more than what we expected.
— X Bar
After a few weeks we set up the preventer, we started seeing that there were significantly less mosquitos than last year and it just keeps getting better. I just did my first monthly filter replacement yesterday and there was plenty of evidence that it’s working.
— John. K